What is an Ultra Custom Hair System?

The primary objective of an Ultra Custom Hair System is to create a finished look that is indistinguishable from a natural head of hair.

An experienced hair system designer achieves perfection by incorporating growth patterns, gravity splits, exact densities, proprietary techniques, and materials into each hair system. It's crucial to work hand in hand with each client to meet and surpass the expectations of each client. We do all of this and more. UCH is the only ultra-custom hair system company on the planet.

To illustrate the importance of a natural result, let's use the film industry as an example. In movies, the script often calls for the actor to wear hair to make them look younger or have a different hairstyle, etc. The production company hires a professional hair system designer to work with the actor to create a hair system that looks so real and so natural it fools the camera even in extreme close-up shots. The hair system must react naturally to various situations. For example, in very windy environments, the hair can't blow as it would if the actor wore a dense regular hair system. Real heads of hair have various densities and other elements.

Another example is a scene that requires the actor to go underwater. When the actor comes up from under the water for the close shot the hairs must to fall on the head naturally. Ultra Custom Hair Systems react as would a natural head of hair. The hair must also react naturally during intimate scenes when fingers run through the hair or grab it passionately without fear of it clumping together or looking unnatural.

When investing millions of dollars and the actor's believability and credibility at stake, film companies would never trust a stock or standard hair system to provide the desired result, and neither should you.

Richard Farrell Has Designed Over 30,000

Ultra Custom Hair Systems

Current solutions for people who purchase hair systems online.

Stock (off the shelf) hair systems.

Stock hair systems are mass-produced in a few different sizes with a finite amount of color options. The customer starts by choosing the closest hair color to match their hair color. Then, after receiving the system, the customer cuts the system's base to fit the size of their head. While this is the most affordable option, stock systems are the most unnatural in appearance.

The hairline on stock systems is the #1 reason people get caught wearing a hair system. Stock hair systems have the same density throughout the entire hair system, and the density is usually very thick. A dense thickness may be okay for a 20-year-old but is unnatural for a 40-year-old person.

With a lot of tweaking, these systems can look okay while in front of your mirror. However, the moment the wind blows or you engage in physical activity, stock systems appear unnatural. The hairs on stock hair systems do not move like a natural head of growing hair.

Custom Hair Systems.

Many companies allow customers to mail in a template, and they build the system based on this template and the customer's design. While, in theory, this approach is sound, issues arise because the company creates these systems based solely on the information provided on the template.

This approach can be very daunting for the customer because they make all the decisions, such as hair density, hairline shape, and base materials which can be very stressful.

"The head is a blank canvas ready for the artist to create a masterpiece."

Richard Farrell

Now, you can get an Ultra Custom Hair System Online.

In the past, the only way to get an Ultra Custom Hair System was to meet with an experienced hair system designer in person.

Richard Farrell launched UCH to address the needs of experienced hair system wearers who want to attain a perfectly natural look while eliminating the need to meet with a designer in person.

Instead of wearing mass production systems or cutting stock hair systems to size, UCH utilizes Richard's proprietary techniques and materials to design each system from scratch providing the highest quality and most undetectable hair systems.

You meet with a Richard Farrell certified designer over zoom to design your Ultra Custom Hair System. In this consultation, they will analyze your cranial bone structure, age, nationality, and desired hair color. Based on this analysis, they will design your system to mimic a real head of hair with unique growth patterns, multiple hair densities, a natural part line, and of course Richard's signature undetectable hairline.

This takes all of the guesswork out of the design and ensures you will receive a system designed specifically for your head. You will have a hair system that works for you instead of a system that you have to make work.

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